About Us

Jae Enterprise is a soap manufacturing enterprise that makes organic, all – natural homemade beauty soaps called Arella Beauty Essentials/Arella Homemade Organic Soaps. It started last September 2015 in the small kitchen of Daisylyn Soria Remolino – Dacalos’ residence in Bulacao, Pardo, Cebu City. Due to the limited space, she decided to transfer it one of these days to Taloot, Argao, Cebu. It would become someday, an added pride of the town.

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Company Profile:

Arella Beauty Essentials soaps are organic, homemade beauty soaps that use organic and safe whitening/exfoliating/moisturizing ingredients from a reliable dermatologist clinic in Quezon City, Phils. The main soap base uses coconut oil locally manufactured in Cebu City. No other harmful ingredient is used in its processes. To ensure the safety of each bar, the manufacturer strictly measures the Baume reading of the lye solution used. It offers a variety of organic herbal/fruit-based soaps that uses herbal and fruit extracts.

Arella Beauty Essentials soaps also known as Arella Homemade Organic Soaps is developed and manufactured by Jae Enterprise that has a business address in Taloot, Argao, Cebu. Production started last 2015 and formally opened last August 2016. It is owned and operated by Daisylyn R. Dacalos.

This company aims to offer safe and effective beauty & whitening soaps to local and international market that is priced reasonably. It also uses organic ingredients and supports ecology conservation by supporting locally available ingredients and materials, practicing proper waste management, recycling-reducing-reusing practices and energy saving methods by doing the process by hand and using simple tools developed by the owner herself.

This company hopes to empower women by offering them alternative ways to do beauty in the most affordable & safest way and offering them also to earn due to its reasonable price.