arella soaps

Distributors’ List

Distributors’ List Jae Enterprise Products are available in these areas: 1.  Jestrera’s Store in Poro, Camotes, Cebu 2. Jestrera’s Store in Parkmall, Mandaue City, Cebu Products Available: Arella Beauty Essentials soaps Daddy Dessie’s Organic Coconut Vinegar 3. Dumlog, Toledo City, Cebu – Eskina Carmen, Going to Capt. Claudio Elementary School. Look for Cecil Bascon Cahokson […]

arella soaps

The Story Behind The Names

The Story Behind The Names Arella is handcrafted, all natural and organic homemade soaps! This has been one of my dreams, to create my own soaps. And so after a year of finalizing everything, here it is! Some  people ask me how I came up with the names of the variants. I named my line […]

The Story of This Life

The Story … I am Daisylyn                                          Me & My son David Jae Like most mothers, I dream of a nice future for my son. Back then, even if I know I am good at crafting […]

Benefits of Having a Lighter Skin

Benefits of Having a Lighter Skin Having a lighter skin for most of us is a big deal. The skin is the biggest organ of our body. It is our ultimate packaging. What people see first on us usually lasts. It is important that our skin looks nice and lighter not only for others to […]