How To Buy (Guide)

How to Place An Order:

Upon clicking the Shop tab, you will be directed to the shopping page of this website. You can view available products and click the Add To Cart tab found on the lower portion of the product thumbnail. If you are adding multiple product kind, you can also do it first before specifying the quantity of each product you would like to purchase or Add To Your Cart. When you already added product(s) to your cart, you can either View Your Cart or Add More before viewing it.

On your Cart, you have the option to modify the quantity of each product you would like to buy by clicking the Arrow (up/down) under the Quantity section. Please Update the Cart every time you have modified it to keep track of the Cart Total.

You also have the option to cancel your orders by clicking on the (x) buttons found on the left side of each product.

Local Pick Up means you will Contact the Admin for the facilitation of your orders’ delivery (meet up). This method can be availed by Local Cebu based customers only. We can facilitate any other shipping method (if the one offered is not accessible to you). Please Contact the Admin regarding the matter.

This site is still on it’s beta stage. We are making ways to improve our service. Please bear with us!

Thank you and Have A Wonderful Day!