Arella Soap Event Giveaways (Kitty)


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Arella Soap Event Giveaways (Kitty)

Arella Soap Event Giveaways (Kitty) single color or mixed colored soaps.

White Kitty Soaps – Baby Chum Soap mixture

Orange Kitty Soaps – Davene Soap mixture

Pink Kitty Soaps – Micaela Soap mixture

Blue Kitty Soaps – Luca Soap mixture

Purple Kitty Soaps – Ryo Soap mixture

Yellow Kitty Soaps – Rafaelle Soap mixture

Lemon Yellow Kitty Soaps – Clarion Soap mixture

Whitening soaps, organic, handmade & homemade.

Ideal as wedding/birthday/christening giveaways, personalized gift for Valentines Day/ Wedding Anniversary and the likes. Individually wrapped.


Minimum order of 30 pieces, lead time 2 weeks. Resellers are welcomed.

Send us a message for your personalized order.

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