Orgonite Triskelion Pendant to Speak Up


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Orgonite Triskelion Pendant to Speak Up

Orgonite Triskelion Pendant to Speak Up. A proven effective method of balancing the life force energy using transformational orgone technology, crystals, gems and sacred geometry.

Orgone Energy Device
A mixture of resin, metal shavings and crystals and is used for transmuting Deadly ORgone (DOR) into Positive ORgone energy (POR). The harmful effects of EMF radiation are thereby mitigated.

Triskelion Copper Coils
The three spirals are represented by; You as creator, the beloved Earth and the Central Sun of all Universes. Embodies Balance, Harmony & Continual Motion. Neutralizes all harmful energies. Constantly clears, charges and enhances gems and crystals. Triskelion Coils are measured based on the Megalithic Yard which was used to design ancient stone monuments like Stonehenge & Newgrange. The coils are made of pure copper which enhances gemstone properties.

Sacred Geometry
The Octagon Amulet shape ~ Human development is symbolized by the Octagon; Right view, thought, word, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness & concentration. Creation delights itself in the Trinity (triskelion) but unfolds profoundly through the quadrinity in all things.

> Safely awakens psychic abilities
> Facilitates telepathic communion with 4th and higher densities
> Accesses ancient wisdom and truth
> Strong protection from non-loving energies
> Gently opens Heart and Third Eye chakras

We recommend that you intuitively feel what you truly need and start from there. As it improves one area of your life, the others will follow!

  • Promotes positive vibes
  • Cleanses the energy of a person, place or thing
  • Cleans stagnant and negative energies and changes it to positive ones
  • Ideal as personal accessory and gift

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Golden tiger’s eye, amethyst, lapis lazuli, black tourmaline, clear quartz, and copper coil

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