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The Story Behind The Names

The Story Behind The Names

Arella is handcrafted, all natural and organic homemade soaps! This has been one of my dreams, to create my own soaps. And so after a year of finalizing everything, here it is!
Some  people ask me how I came up with the names of the variants.
I named my line of soaps ARELLA BEAUTY ESSENTIALS. Arella is from a Hebrew name referring to an ANGEL. So it should give you an idea how I have come up with the names of the variants except to this first one. These soaps are carefully crafted to ensure that it does not sting even the most sensitive skin. Each variant consists of exfoliants, whiteners and moisturizers.
First, let me introduce you to my first born, Davene!
David is the name of my only son, and naturally I should name my first creation in his honor but soaps don’t get names from boys! So I feminized it and named my first soap creation.

Davene, a girl’s name for David!

Davene is a Papaya Kojic Soap infused with Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E and SPF 34.
It is orange in color and has Citronella scent that drives away mosquitos. To know more about Davene, you can click on the link

Next in line is Urielle. I have an only nephew, my sister’s son (half Korean, half Filipino, 100 % Aussie chicky boy named Uriel Anjelu,by the way, I gave him his name, (after the Guardian Angel of Wednesday). His skin is so sensitive so I made sure this soap will suite up to his needs. Urielle is a very mild soap made up of Aloe Vera Extract, Glutathione and infused with Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E & SPF 34. I would recommend this one to those teenagers with very sensitive skin and to those who loves the beach! The aloe vera in it soothes your skin, replenish the lost moisture and prevents it from sunburn. Just make sure you bathe yourself with clean water & Urielle every after getting off from the sea water. Infused with Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E & SPF 34 and with Jasmin scent for anti-mosquito. View Urielle here:
The third in line is Micaela, in honor of Michael, Heaven’s Champion. It is a double acting skin whitening soap with two skin whitening agents, Kojic and Glutathione. It is still infused with Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E & SPF 34. I would recommend this to use on face. It creates that powdered look on your face as if you are dabbing face powder or cream on it minus that oily feel! And oh by the way, St. Michael is my son’s guardian angel. He was born on a Sunday.
 Next is Luca. Does the name sound familiar to you? Yes, it comes from a song. Luca by Suzanne Vega. It’s blue color reminds me of the song and all that it refers to. Luca has Glutathione, Grapeseed Extract Oil, Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E & SPF 34.
Luca also means light. The grapeseed extract oil has astringent properties that treats skin problems like acne.
Do you love avocado? I love avocados too! I could eat it with powdered milk and sugar or with ripe mangoes!
My next soap is Rafaelle in yellow. It is the Avocado soap with Kojic, Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E & SPF 34. Rafaelle has Citronella oil for scent to drive away mosquitos.

The 6th variant out in the market (for now!) is Ryo. The purple one. My niece, Dimple (in the husband’s side) once asked me make a purple colored soap. I’ve experimented 3 times to get the stable purple color. And after months of research and mind squeezing, Ryo is finally born. Ryo is a unisex Japanese name pronounced as “rye-oh” and when used as a male name Ryu means Dragon.

Well, I’m a Dragon! My chinese zodiac sign is. This one’s for me!

View Ryo here:

This yummy Cacao soap is using homemade Tableya or Tablea,  a hand processed cacao chocolate tablets. Maria Cacao is the diwata or mountain goddess (the exact term is derived from Sanskrit word devata देवता) associated with Mount Lantoy in Argao, Cebu, Philippines.

Legend has it that Maria Cacao, whenever rains flood the river that comes from Mount Lantoy, or the great Suba bridge is broken, comes as a sign that Maria Cacao and her husband Mangao have either traveled down the river in their golden ship so that they can export their crops, or traveled up the river on their way back. She is supposed to live inside a cave in the mountain and the Cacao plants outside it are supposed to be her plantation.

Maria Cacao’s Tableya Soap is good for dry and sensitive skin. It prevents skin aging. It treats acne, itchy skin and skin asthma and removes body odor by its anti septic properties. It cleanses the skin with its Vitamin A and C content and keeps skin soft. It contains sunblock and lightens the skin.

View Maria Cacao soap here:

 Jæde is derived from my son’s second name Jae. It’s a Moringa Collagen Soap is good for dry and sensitive skin. It treats itchy skin, skin asthma and Keratosis Pilaris , cleanses and detoxifies the skin, prevent skin aging by stimulating cell regeneration & skin renewal. It improves skin elasticity & suppleness. It has anti-bacterial, anti inflammatory , with anti septic properties that treats acne. It contains Vitamin A and C that keeps skin soft when used daily and sunblock.

Next is Clarion.

I am always mesmerized by stories about fairies and pixies. So when I searched online for a name that somehow pertains to anything that flies, the name Clarion came up.

Queen Clarion, formerly known as Reina or simply Ree, is a main character from Tinker Bell. She is also the beautiful queen of Pixie Hollow, she acts motherly to all fairies and is prepared to do whatever it takes to make sure her treasured fairies live in peace and are well out of harm’s way. As well as this, among her many talents, Queen Clarion is also able to travel in the form of golden pixie dust.

Clarion Rosehip Oil Collagen Glutathione Soap exfoliates & improve skin tone. It promotes skin regeneration & rehydration, prevents premature ageing (smooth wrinkles ) & skin pigmentation caused by sun damage. It moisturizes the skin by retaining the skin’s natural collagen and elastin, removes scars caused by acne, surgery, injury or burns. It also treats eczema & sunburn. It contains sunblock.

Know more about Clarion here:

Lastly is BabyChum. Some friends requested me to formulate a mild soap without any whitening agent. It will so mild that even a baby and those baby-like sensitive skin can use. I ran out of names, so I asked a good friend, Jandrick to contribute a name. He has a baby as well. So he blurted out name BabyChum! (this must be the pet name he calls his baby Baste!).

Baby Chum Mild Soap with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera & Collagen (Non Whitening – Vanilla Scent)

1. Treats Acne  2. Sunburn Treatment 3. Prevents Aging

4. Moisturizes Skin 5. Reduces Stretch Marks 6. Relieves Allergies

7. Nourish your skin from within, giving you the skin that glows with health. 8. Aloe Vera Soap For Babies

9. Can Protect Your Skin Tissues And Cells from free radicals.

10. Treats All Your Skin Disorders

View BabyChum here:

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